IT Resources


Basics and Services....

Computer Accounts and Login

All school computers are joined to and centrally managed by a domain. User accounts are required to log in to all computers. Faculty and staff will be given a username and password to log on to the network. When you log in to any of the machines on campus you will be automatically connected to your specific network resources (ie printers, network drives).

Password policy: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain characters from three of the following four categories:

English uppercase characters (A through Z)
English lowercase characters (a through z)
Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #,%)


Standard users and students do not administrative privileges to install applications.
Additional software should be requested through the administration/office.

All Computers come pre-installed with:
Windows Operating System
Microsoft Office Productivity Suite (or Google Docs online)
Google Chrome Browser
Adobe PDF Reader
Basic Antivirus and Malware Blockers

Computer Lab

The campus computer lab is available for students and teachers. Students should login with the username "student" and password "student" 
Please do not move/remove/replace any hardware or cables!

Wireless Network

The public wireless network at BMPS is "BmpsNet-Guest" To connect to the campus wireless network you will need to log on with the encryption key provided below. All students and staff are expected to connect to the public wireless network.

"BmpsNet-Guest" Network Key:  Bmps-wifi-33133

Important: The wireless network "Bmps-Net" is restricted to internal school computers and previously approved devices ONLY. Students and faculty are NOT to connect to this wireless network unless previously approved by school administration. Network access is continuously monitored and recorded for compliance purposes.

Network Drives and Backups

The following default network drives are provided to users for storing documents and data.

K: PUBLIC - Public share accessible to anyone on campus. 
G: ADMINISTRATION (Administration only) - General administration directory 
S: SCANS (Administration only) - Directory for temporary storage of scanned documents.
F: FAXES (Administration only) - Directory for temporary storage of incoming faxes.
Google Drive (Administration only): Cloud storage using Google apps account.

Backups - Full backups of data on the network drives are regularly maintained. Data on local computers (ie. My documents, Desktop, etc.) is NOT backed up and is NOT recoverable